An avenue for expression and the search for truth.

Suluhan Publication

Suluhan is a Bahasa Sinug for messenger. This is the official school publication of the Notre Dame of Jolo College composed of ethical, responsible and community-oriented student journalists. It serves as students’ soundboard and a chance to bring to attention school issues that are of significance to the community. It works in line with the College vision-mission statement and serves as an alternative yet effective venue for students to put into action their brand of selfless service and unconditional love through the might and merit of their words, sketches, images and voices. Today, Suluhan continues to explore all possibilities in the field of campus journalism.

Layag Yearbook Club

The Layag Yearbook Club is responsible for the production of the school’s annual yearbook. Members of the Layag Yearbook Club are engaged in basic lessons in Photography, layouts, and journalistic writing.

Inside NDJC

Inside NDJC is a bi-annual publication of the Notre Dame of Jolo College Administration with office address at the Administration Building, NDJC, Gandasuli Road, Bus-Bus, Sulu.