The Notre Dame of Jolo Cottage Industries, Incorporated is a non-stock non-profit corporation. The main purpose of which is to serve as a showcase of Tausug, Samal and Badjao arts and crafts. In 1972, Notre Dame of Jolo College with assistance from the National Manpower and Youth Council organized a Notre Dame Cottage Industry Skills Training Program which was the beginning of the Notre Dame of Jolo Cottage Industry, Inc. That first program was a response to the need for a source of income for many out-of-school unemployed youth of Jolo, the capital town of the province. Within a year around 100 young boys and girls were trained in abaca and mat weaving, seashells craft and in making of finished products like bags, folders, placemats, etc. out of abaca and pandan leaves. These graduates of the training program organized themselves into the Notre Dame of Jolo Cottage Industry, Inc. which was eventually registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 12, 1983 and registration certificate was received.

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