health and sciences


The Health Sciences Department aims to produce fully functioning health care providers. It trains students to become dedicated health workers imbued with the spirit of unselfish service, who respect and love human life, are able to work harmoniously with others, value their cultural heritage and remain committed to their family, community, and country even while working in a foreign country. The Health Sciences Department has two programs under it, namely the Diploma in Midwifery and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Commerce and

Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

  • Be competent in the application of theories, functions and practices of their chosen field in the business sciences.
  • Be competent and effective entrepreneurs in Jolo as well as neighboring places, thus providing for their needs and contributing to the economic development of the region.
  • Become aware of their responsibilities in promoting high ethical and moral standards in the business community. 

Accountancy Program

  • Produce competent, just and honest accounting professionals
  • Provide the students with the knowledge and proficiency in preparation for the CPA Board Examination.
  • Develop students to become globally competitive professionals aware of their duties and responsibilities so as to become effective and useful members of society.

why choose

NDJC is a vigorous green-clean institution that envisions socio-economic upliftment and provides quality education for all most especially the people of Sulu and Taw-Tawi. For 67 years, NDJC community provided various academic achievements both in local and international set of standards. It also produced professionals in different field who are globally competitive. NDJC will help you in witnessing application of conceptual theories and lessons on the book as if you view it and work with it in the real world .NDJC is an ideal school that truly promotes positive change, healthy and safe environment, new-normal-ready and globally competitive products. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The MOA will serve as basis of agreement between the parent and NDJC that will allow students to enroll without the entrance exam requirement as long as their son/ daughter will take it when it will be available. Students who did not take the entrance exam should meet the general average requirement of their course of choice. Once they take the entrance exam, the students should meet the required percentile rank (PR) of their course of choice. If they did not meet the PR requirement, they will be forced to shift to other courses. This is why they need to do good on their entrance exam. Because PA is a course requirement.

The MOA on NAT compliance will be given to the BS Nursing enrollees. The content of the MOA is an agreement between the parent/ guardian and NDJC to sllow the student to enroll in BSN without the NAT as long as they take and PASS the NAT when it will be available. If they did not pass the NAT, they will be forced to shift next semester. This is why they should do good on their NAT.

Submission of requirements is located at the Audio Visual Room or Bishop Ben Hall. The SDPC personnel in charge will hand the MOA on NAT compliance to parents/ guardians whose sons/ daughters will enroll in BSN. They will sign the MOA and submit it to the SDPC personnel.

Yes. You can still enroll as long as the parent/ guardian signs the MOA on Entrance Exam Compliance and submit other enrollment requirements.